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LED Panel Lights

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Taking advantage of the latest lighting technologies, Zaiba Energy provides smart lighting systems using appropriate LED fittings matching the building type and customer needs complying with IS 3646 and Illuminating Engineers Society Recommendations. Customers will go through a new energy and cost saving experience while we strive to save the planet for the future generations. We have schemes for the new building installations as also retrofit schemes for the old and grand buildings. The offered LED Panel Lights are available in different specifications, sizes and shapes. Flawless performance, long life, low maintenance and easy to install completely defines our LED Panel Lights.

Lifetime economics and environment impact information will be supplied with the order confirmation to let you know your contribution for safety of future generations.


Most LED Lighting is much more efficient measured in terms of Lumens/ watt saving energy consumed and hence the electricity bills. However, the LED Lighting Systems Zaiba Energy supplies and unstalls on customer premises is scientifically designed to give optimum results in terms of lumens per Rupee as also Automatic “Use As Needed” based on occupancy sensing and intensity sensing. The entire system is designed and fitted to meet ECBC guidelines and the Illuminating Engineers Society Recommendations as applicable to different working conditions. The system enhances energy saving without attention of users who can focus on their job responsibilities without caring about switching lights.