Solar PV Roof Top Cost is for 1 kW capacity of the system not per piece.
Solar Roof top power plants are installed on the roof top and connected to the grid system and load as per requirement of customer. Approval from the local power distribution company will be arranged by us. Generally, there can be three types of Roof top setups: read more...

Solar Air Conditioning System

Solar Air Conditioning System that we provide operates on the principles of adsorption chillers using silica gel in capacities of 5 tons and above operated by the solar heat. The solar heat is generated by a special set of solar collectors using radiation, convection and conduction modes of heat transfer. To read more...

Solar Table Fan

Solar Table Fan that we offer is known for less power consumption and is completely based on solar energy. Our Solar Table Fan is known for its compact size, low maintenance, high efficiency and long term performance. Solar Table Fan is environmental friendly and saves a lot of energy. We make available read more...

LED Panel Lights

Taking advantage of the latest lighting technologies, Zaiba Energy provides smart lighting systems using appropriate LED fittings matching the building type and customer needs complying with IS 3646 and Illuminating Engineers Society Recommendations. Customers will go through a new energy and cost saving experience while we read more...

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