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Solar PV Roof Top

Solar PV Roof Top

Cost is for 1 kW capacity of the system not per piece.
Solar Roof top power plants are installed on the roof top and connected to the grid system and load as per requirement of customer. Approval from the local power distribution company will be arranged by us. Generally, there can be three types of Roof top setups:
1. On-grid PV Solar roof tops generate electricity of about 5 units (kWh) of per day per kW capacity. Any generation higher than the consumption by connected load gets exported to the grid, thereby sharing other loads with the grid. The Distribution company will pay the customer for the exported units. Measurements of exported and consumed energy is recorded by a Net-Metering system approved by the Discom. During power failures on grid, the rooftop system will get disconnected and there will not be any export or supply to the customer connected loads.
2. Off-grid system is an independent system that meets the needs of the customer as per demand within the capacity of the system. It needs to be supported by a storage battery and inverter of required size to meet the need during nights and shadowing by clouds. This can be installed as per customer requirement.
Hybrid Solar Roorftop system can handle both export of excess generation during bright sunny days as well as cloudy days and nights even if the grid power fails. This system needs a larger size of battery and a larger inverter for the the specific needs and hence is more espensive than eith er of the above two.
1 Unit means 1kW.


Solar Power (W) 1000

Additional Information

Packaging Details Solar PV Panels, Inverter, Synch Controls, Surge protection devices, Net meter, Discom approval is in ZEST Scope. Roof top area required will be about 80 sq ft per kW of capacity.